Innovation and problem-solving is a major key to the talents of the quantity surveyors, structural engineers, architects and project managers, and each rise to the challenge.

We offer a project cycle of services from inception to completion including quantity surveying, project management, architecture and civil and structural engineering.

We are leading as employers agents, project managers and principal designers on a £40million project at Scotway House, one of a number of exciting projects underway. 

Quantity Surveying

Born in 2012, NIXON Consultants has grown from a quantity surveyors and project management company into a forward-thinking construction practice. We offer a project cycle of services but at our core is our qualified Quantity Surveying services.

Project Management

As project managers, we are responsible for the full project cycle. We offer a turnkey service from inception to completion and work as a team to utilise the skills and expertise we have in-house.

Civil and Structural Engineering

NIXON provide a fully-integrated engineering service for projects of varying size and complexity, working with clients from across a range of business sectors. A team of highly-skilled civil and structural engineers will deliver your project from start to finish.


It is rare to find a construction practice with its own dedicated architectural services at our fingertips but that is what we have done at NIXON’s to make us stand out from the crowd and offer something unique to our clients. With NIXON, we can deliver your project from inception to completion saving you time and costs on architecture.

Project Monitoring

Working in partnership with our clients, we protect the interests of funders by identifying the risks and monitoring their interests. We review and value works and adopt the most appropriate strategies as the single point of contact.

Insurance Reinstatement Valuations

Our qualified team of quantity surveyors provide Insurance Reinstatement Valuations to protect our clients’ portfolio in the event of a major loss scenario.

Principal Designer of CDM

Protecting the health & safety requirements needed to comply with CDM (Construction Design Management Regulations 2015) ensures our clients are given the advice and assistance needed to protect their interests.

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