This is Spartinios!

nixon ltd supports scotland team

NIXON is proud to be supporting the mighty Spartinios with our latest signing. As a Glasgow-based company and for the first time, NIXON has sponsored the five-aside team of under 11-years to support them through the season.

And quick off the mark, our Spartinios made their debut in their NIXON attire and belted home an impressive start to the season – though no one is counting scores in grassroots football but we all know who the true winners are.

Tomorrow, the mighty Spartinios will be again wearing their NIXON strips and giving their fans, mums and dads, grans and grandparents, a good performance. The teamsheets have yet to be unveiled with the manager keeping tight-lipped on the formation.

Everyone at Nixon will be watching the score lines as they come in and cheering you on from Headquarters. Best of Luck in your Season and we are proud to have you on our side.

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