Competition Time!

nixon construction launch competition
Calling all future Project Managers, Quantity Surveyors and Homeschoolers!
Struggling for inspiration on week 6 of lockdown, we have the answer! 
Our very own Mr MacConnell has prepared a masterclass on the construction industry for all those home-schooling.
From hospitals, hotels, football stadiums, roads, bridges, offices, swimming pools and playgrounds, look around you and you will see everything has been built by those in the construction industry.
Pupils at a local primary school between primary 5 to 7 were recently treated to a preview before lockdown.
Such was the demand for MacConnell’s innovative teaching methods, he was requested to return not once but thrice.
Now looking to the future through these challenging times, we’re happy to share with you some real-life learning in the hope of inspiring the next generation of PMs & QSs.
Now your homework!
Boys and girls we need you!
Follow the slides to make your own playground, swimming pool, building, football stadium whatever your wish! 
This is not for parents, so no cheating! Project Manage your own creation, complete with rainbows, slides, and whatever you’d want to see. Be creative, the skies the limit!

Submit to [email protected] or post your pictures on the comments below by the bell (3pm) on Friday 1st May.

STAR prize will be a £15 gaming vouchers for the top entry! So you can get back to doing what you love most.
Share away and get creating!!!

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