PM services in Coventry

How to appoint a project monitor

CLIENT: Hinckley Road, Coventry

On behalf of the Seneca Bridging, we undertook the project monitoring of two detached residential properties on the outskirts of Coventry. The scheme consisted of two semi-detached houses (183 m2/1,966ft2 each), associated gardens & soft landscaping as well as the formation of driveways, hard landscaping and road opening works.

VALUE: Up to £500,000


  • NIXON to carry out initial review & report
  • Inspections completed to support proposed construction was consistent with funds requested 
  • Onsite visits and verification of works completed prior to fund distribution
  • Development period & interim reports
  • Report on the completion of the development
  • Progress overview and risk summary



We highlighted to the funder that if contractor were to become insolvent prior to completion of the scheme then a significant premium would become payable to secure an alternative contractor. 

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